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The Fifteenth of January, 2014

The long awaited re-recording of our first record is finally done and out. The Dead Still Dead Remain is now available on CD from Willowtip Records. A vinyl pressing is being worked on.

Impaled has some shows planned for the coming year. These will be performances of songs exclusively culled from The Dead Still Dead Remain and will feature Leon del Muerte taking back his roll as vocalist in Impaled. Details will are on the upcoming shows page.

If you've heard about pirates invading Impaled recordings, you should probably check out the pirated Impaled stuff at Pirate Bay. It takes a lot of work to make up all this bullshit.

The Fourteenth of January, 2012

A new year dawns on the G.O.R.E. Corps and new conquests await.

There's a couple shows coming up locally for Impaled. Check out the upcoming shows page.

Work continues on the re-recording of our first album. Now titled "The Dead Still Dead Remain," this recording remains faithful to the original material but sounds louder and meaner. Some final tweaks to the mix are all that is left, while we await a release date from Willowtip Records.

The Nineteenth of May, 2011

The G.O.R.E. Corps has gone more underground than ever... betrayed by fifth columnists, hunted by the authorities, our beloved leader shot in the eye while watching pornography... it's a tough time to be wicked evil.

Fear not, believers. Impaled has big plans. First, we're starting off with a big European tour in June / July. All Euro G.O.R.E. Corps members are required to attend the shows and bring a friend for compulsory brainwashing. Details are on our shows page.

Secondly, Impaled has re-recorded our first record, The Dead Shall Dead Remain. A release date remains to be seen. The recording features vocals from Leon del Muerte, from the original TDSDR line-up, resurrected from whatever hole he's been hiding under. Seriously, whatever happened to that guy?

That's not all, but that's all for now, so I guess really that's all. For now.

The Seventeenth of February, 2009

We'll be seeing all true members of the G.O.R.E. Corps Mexico Battalion in just a few weeks. We've got three shows lined up in Mexico for early Marzo, and two with Nile! Check it out on the shows page.

We'll also be back at MDF this year in Baltimore, ready to show that town some true carnage. Because it hasn't seen enough already! The Wire is for wimps, come see Impaled perform this time or forever regret dying for the true masters of medical mayhem!

The Second of November, 2009

Just in time for Rxxx-Mass!

The Chop Shop has been doing so well, we want to give a gift to all the Impaled fans... we've lowered prices on just about all our shirt designs! We've always had rock bottom punk rock prices, and now they're even less than that.

If you've been holding out in these tough economic times for a shirt design that you've been raging for, now is the time to get it!

Check it out in Chop Shop.

The Sixth of July, 2009

Wisely sinking our teeth into every capitalist venture during these boom years, Impaled has inked a deal in plastisol on cotton with mega-corporation, Relapse Records. They are now selling an exclusive Impaled shirt design, beautifully rendered by artist Matt Verges.

Pick up this awesome design only at the Relapse Web Store, and don't forget the shirts offered by Impaled here on our website. Pay allegiance, YOU ARE THE DEAD!